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Who I Am

Growing up in Cartagena Colombia, Tatiana MCausland brought the American dream to new heights when she immigrated at the age of 15 with her family.

She started in the real estate industry working under a real estate attorney in order to propel a potential career as an attorney. The concept of working on different portfolios in property management appealed to her and she made a jump into the industry full-throttle, climbing from tax credit to luxury properties and finally making a leap from temporary housing to permanent solutions in the mortgage industry.

This shift was the effect of her own home purchasing process. Uneducated to the whole system and without a coach, she was advised to borrow to the max of what she was approved for, fell short on her ability to pay and was faced with the nightmare of a short-sale that many uneducated homeowners find themselves in. 

Finding herself house-poor, working four jobs to make ends meet, seeing her credit on a downward spiral, she not only required a financial adjustment but better resources and a mindset to be an intelligent wealth creator.

After an investment in her own education into overall financial well-being, her purpose to help people avoid her previous  pitfalls by coaching people about financial intelligence and becoming a mortgage lender who truly cares became clear. Requiring the clarity to nourish her mind and body and follow her creative streak spending time admiring her orchid collection and collecting perfumes (which has become an obsession), changing her diet to completely vegetarian, and continuing to broaden her horizons on a daily basis.

Passionate about helping people into the home of their dreams, she thinks creatively in order to find solutions for people that were otherwise unavailable. That’s the first step in building wealth and becoming debt free.

Ascribing to a policy where she “takes chances on those who will take a chance for themselves.” She picks clients that she truly believes in and that believe in her.

Tatiana lives at home in South Florida with her husband and their two children, Dominic, five and Mia, eight. 

Tatiana Mcausland NMLS# 1642946
Tatiana Mcausland NMLS# 1642946
Tatiana Mcausland NMLS# 1642946

Tatiana Mcausland NMLS# 1642946

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